Personalised Blood Testing on a Functional Level 

Stop questionning what your blood results mean 

Leave behind the confusion of interpreting blood test results. With our personalised blood testing service, we offer more than just data. Working with our qualified Nutritional Therapist (MSc) and our private functional testing lab our reports will give you valuable insights which help to identify nutrient deficiencies and system imbalances detecting potential health trends before they escalate.  



You are tired of…


Feeling unwell but unsure why


Not knowing what blood tests to ask your GP for


Trying to work things out on your own


Not knowing what the blood tests mean or what to do about it.

Now you’re looking for a better way to regain control of your health and understand your body better! 

You want to feel healthier again so…


BUT the lack of clarity about what foods to eat to ease your symptoms left you feeling frustrated. Supplements seemed like a labyrinth of choices, and you were unsure which ones were right for you.


BUT you knew there was more to it than that!. So in search of answers, you scoured the internet for nutrition advice, googled signs and symptoms  and even experimented with various supplements and the latest diet.  


BUT you had no idea where to start! What do you ask for? Will the GP do the array of tests that you really need to find out what’s going on? (Yes there is a limit to what they can ask for) and more to the point. Will you understand the results and know what to do after?

So why not just get a GP blood test? 

Here’s some initial questions to get you thinking….

What is your GP actually testing for? Are they looking at one body system – ie the symptom you went in with? Or are they checking other body systems too for a holistic view. Are there any trends and patterns indicating steady decline which could lead to disease and illness?? Once the results are in what are you advised to do?

A comprehensive functional blood chemistry analysis is designed to answer 4 pivotal questions:

Is Dysfunction Present?

Through our in depth blood chemistry analysis we assess potential imbalances in 13 body systems, 7 accessory systems, 7 Macronutrient systems and assess the status of 14 nutrients.

What are the underlying causes?

This report gives an indication of the level of dysfunction that exists in the various physiological systems in your body – for example functions relating to thyroid, immune system, GI tract,  blood sugar regulation, adrenal health, sex hormone, liver, red blood cell function, cardiovascular, gallbladder, bone health & kidney function.

What tailored interventions are needed? 

After looking at your detailed health questionnaire covering your signs & symptoms, along with your detailed blood chemistry analysis report we can create a personalised nutritional and therapeutic supplement plan. This will be the initial stages to help rebalance the system. 

When has the function been restored? 

Now it’s essential to monitor and track the progress of the intervention until optimal function is achieved. 

Regular testing should be part of this process so comparable figures can be seen. 

Why frequent blood testing matters

cardiovascular health and the importance of blood testing

Monitoring health only once every 2 or 3 years can lead to missed opportunities to detect rapidly changing conditions.

The Human Blood Library

Human blood is an extraordinary repository of information, unveiling insights into your functional health history, it’s current state, and even glimpses of your potential future health. With regular targeted blood testing, we can harness this invaluable resource to detect early signs of dysfunction and chronic conditions, enabling us to intervene and work towards restoring health effectively.

Early detection and Intervention 

Using a holistic view of health, examining the interplay between biomarkers, rather than isolated values will give more information on what is really happening inside the body. Systematically assessing the GI organs, gallbladder, liver, kidneys, large bowel, and more helps to uncover trends, patterns, and potential obstacles to optimal physiological, biochemical, and metabolic functioning. By catching these problems in their infancy, we can prevent their progression and work towards restoring optimal health. 

For example with cardiovascular disease. Seeing patterns and trends of elevated insulin, glucose, homocysteine, fibrinogen, C-reactive protein, triglycerides, and LDL levels significantly increase the risk of heart attacks, strokes, and arterial diseases.  Detecting dysfunctions early is the key to effective intervention and long-term health.

Helping to unmask prescription drug or supplement related issues.

Taking into account that some of us may be taking  prescription medication, it’s crucial to screen for drug-related side effects that may manifest in blood tests.

This can include those taking supplements. For example ones which contain iron. Without knowing, a person may be slowly increasing their iron levels. Testing can really help us identify any iron overload issues. 

Our comprehensive approach ensures we don’t overlook these potentially harmful effects.

cardiovascular health and the importance of blood testing

BUT my blood test has come back “normal”

Normal vs. Optimal: Understanding the Difference

Traditional reference ranges often reflect the averages within populations rather than the optimal levels needed for excellent health. The normal reference values can change, from year to year, depending on the prevalence of disease in the general population.

In contrast, a  functional approach and analytical capabilities of the software will use scientific evidence for optimal ranges.  Extra sensitivity of reporting for physiological levels helps to identify emerging trends, enabling early intervention and prevention.   

“Normal” is NOT optimal 

Most people who feel “unwell” will come out “normal” on a blood test. However this “normal” may be a far cry from being functionally optimal. They may not yet have progressed to a known disease state but they are what we call dysfunctional, i.e. their physiological systems are no longer functioning properly and they are starting to feel un-well.

The Blood Test Results Report

Your blood test results will show whether or not an individual biomarker is outside of the optimal range and/or outside of the clinical lab range. Some biomarkers in the Blood Test Results Report that are above or below the optimal or standard range will be hyperlinked into the “Out of Optimal Range Report”, (the red arrow on the picture) so you can read some background information on those biomarkers and why they may be high or low.

So what’s next?


Now let’s check your nutrient status…..

The Nutrient Status results is an in depth representation of an algorithmic analysis of the blood test.

The results have been converted into an Nutrient Status Report based on latest research.

Showing you in depth analysis of :

Along with health concerns which help to guide our intervention…..

We don’t leave you on your own not knowing what to do.

Following your results and the identified need of nutrient support we need to help you get your body back into some state of equilibrium.

Just get you feeling better, because that is the whole purpose of you starting this journey isn’t it? 

You will have contact with Sonia Hollisqualified Nutritional Therapist (MSc) who will design a personalised health improvement plan & supplement plan based on your blood test results and your health questionnaire (the process is explained once you’ve booked your blood test)

Sonia Hollis (MSc) 

 I haven’t always been a nutritional therapist – my   other occupation is as a British Sign Language   interpreter. However, my direction in life  dramatically changed in 2015 after losing my gorgeous twin sister, Tania, to cholangiocarcinoma (bile duct cancer).

 At that time I was overweight, eating unhealthy foods and drinking far too much wine!  In May 2016 I made the decision that it was my TIME to finally take my health and fitness seriously and “get back on track”. 

 This saw me engaging the services and receiving amazing support from my PT Darren Wright (from Fitness Ambition) who helped me lose a lot of weight, become stronger, eat healthier and finally gain back control in my health and fitness, both in body and mind. 

During this time, I was encouraged to return to University in 2017 and study for my MSc in Personalised Nutrition to retrain as a Nutritional Therapist and NLP Practitioner. 

This has been a developing journey and is close to my heart – so that my sister’s journey was not in vain. 

Hence the internal push I feel in myself each day to be the best I can and to help others. It keeps me close to my sister as I honestly feel she has sent me people in my path for a reason. 


MSc Personalised Nutrition


Functional Blood Chemistry Advanced Mastery Training (Taught and assessed by Dr Weatherby)


Nutritional Therapy Practice Diploma (NTPD) (Centre for Nutrition Education and Lifestyle Management (CNELM)


Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP Practitioner) awarded by the UK College of Personal Development


Cancer: Nutritional support before, during and after treatment and beyond - accredited by Nutritional Therapy Education Commission (NTEC) run by Institute of Optimum Nutrition

What others say……

Testimonials from my clients 

Emie Kitson
Emie Kitson
Fabulous information, motivation and she’s got your back when things don’t go to plan, offers great strategies and support. I feel lively, happy and healthy now thanks Sonia xxx
Rachael Walding
Rachael Walding
Sonia has been a wealth of information and support over the past 12 weeks. I was really struggling with migraines, low energy and weight that wouldn't shift. The information and advice that Sonia has shared with me has had a huge impact on my health and quality of life. Although the migraines haven't completely gone they have much improved and as a result I have been able to focus on my other health goals. I now understand how what I eat and when effects my energy levels and weight. Thank you Sonia, I have learnt so much and now have the tools to continue to work towards my goals.
Shona Salter
Shona Salter
I knew Sonia from our gym days so was delighted when I googled nutritionist and her name popped up first. I was at the end if my tehter as Ive just kept gaining and gaining weight for no apparent reason. I eat healthy and trained 3 to 4 times a week. Before my first consultation with Sonia I had blood tests and when I first saw her I told her my symptoms and she immediately said to go gluten free and take my temperature every morning for 2 weeks. This showed Sonia what she wanted to see and soon after I had my Dr's diagnosis. I also suffer with acid reflux. Dr said take gaviscon for 2 weeks, if it helps ill prescribe you something... I stopped eating nightshade foods, Google it... Who knew?! I've not had gaviscon since. Once we knew the root of the problem Sonia immediately got to work on mounds and mounds, of research, dietary needs and habit breaking suggestions. I'd have a snack at 10 and 3 and breakfast, lunch ant tea... I didn't need it, it was a habit. Managed to break that in a week... I had 2 12 week cycles with Sonia and I feel a lot better and less sluggish. I'm on the right road and I know this is not an overnight fix but with Sonia guidance and knowledge I'll get there. As yet, I've not lost any weight but it will come. If I'd not reconnected with Sonia, I don't know what I'd be doing now... Sorry for the long post... I could go on and on... Thank you Sonia x
russ stevenson
russ stevenson
I’m just at the end of my 12 week support with Sonia. It has been life changing for me! I knew I couldn’t maintain my lifestyle, as I at my heaviest l had ever been, feeling unhealthy! Sonia took the time to listen to me, and guide me through, a achievable plan, taking one step at a time with small changes. Then lunch and dinner ideas. A guide on different types of food , healthy sugars/fats. I’m definitely enjoying my new diet. Loosing weight, and definitely feel healthier happy, more energy. Definitely worth giving it a go, to help you change your lifestyle and feel good. I’m signing up again for another 12 weeks. looking forward to hearing what Sonia has planned for me.
Rodney Binley
Rodney Binley
Very caring understating and knowledgeable helped my wife through a difficult time
jayne england
jayne england
It was my husband who saw I was despairing about my weight, bloatedness, puffiness and who knew I was unhappy within myself… he knows Sonia and after much persuasion from him I decided to book my half hour session thinking it’ll be a waste of time … maybe I’ll try slimming world again (for the umpteenth time!). Well .. that half an hour with Sonia turned on a switch .. she listened to what my ailments were, how unhappy I was with myself and because of certain different medical reasons how I felt down about the way I was… she listened and said I can help you and I believed she could .. that half an hour gave me hope! 12 weeks down the line I’m at the end of the tunnel .. it’s bright.. I feel fantastic.. weight is coming off, I’m eating delicious food and discovering me again, I feel healthier , no more sluggish feeling in the afternoons, I don’t want to have a nap! It isn’t a quick fix, it’s slow , steady and understanding the different food types and how they help and it’s patience. I can’t praise Sonia enough, I no longer feel guilty about what I eat as it’s just delicious, I have loved cooking new recipes and have a few favourites. Sonia … a big THANK YOU!
Jay Stewart
Jay Stewart
Working with Sonia, my Personalised Nutritional Therapist, taught me so much about my health and diet. Having Rheumatoid Arthritis and not knowing what the triggers were, I was eating food that I enjoyed but was not good for the condition. Sonia got to work by checking my family history, working with my doctor and checking my Blood test for any contra indications, looking at my daily food intake and recomending Food and fruits that was good for me and additionl food supplements that contributes to the maintenance of the whole body. I'm on a gluten free diet, my overall health has improved and I am happy that I found Sonia, and I would recommend her to anyone looking to improve their health.
With Sonia's help i lost 14 kg and never felt better like now. i am completely different person my mood improved and i am full of energy. besides that i learned about nutritional needs and how much important it is for a healty lifestyle and much more. i definitely recommend Sonya she is the best.
Danielle Bonham
Danielle Bonham
I came to Sonia with a few health concerns. She has helped me find supplements to support this and most of the symptoms have gone! I have learnt so much with how my body reacts to certain foods,so I can now move forward and avoid these for the future.
Kat’s Jolly Holidays
Kat’s Jolly Holidays
Sonia is a wealth of information for all your nutritional needs. Approachable & genuinely wants to help. Her passion for what she does is very evident. I followed her 14 day detox programme. This plan was so easy to follow with clear & delicious recipes as well as explanations on what incorporates a balanced diet. Sonia regularly checked in and I felt totally supported. My diet had become shocking living off fast carbs and not caring what I was fuelling my body with. I was always tired. After 14 days I lost 7lb & 5 inches but the most remarkable change was how I felt in myself. Stronger, fitter & healthier. Sleep improved & my mood. My energy levels have rocketed. I have made eating a balanced diet part of my everyday norm and haven’t looked back. I’m seeing results both in my training and general everyday life. What you fuel your body with really makes a dramatic difference. I 100% recommend Sonia. She is exactly what you need to meet all your nutritional needs.

So let’s get started and see what your blood is really saying about your health 

Introducing our 

3 in depth blood panels 

to help you get your health on track 


Covering 71 biomarkers assessing multiple body systems. Checking glucose regulation, kidney health, electrolytes, enzyme activity, metabolic health, liver & gallbladder health, iron health, lipids, thyroid, inflammation, vitamin & minerals, hormonal health, immune health and full blood count. 


Covering 90 biomarkers assessing multiple body systems. Checking glucose regulation, kidney health, electrolytes, enzyme activity, metabolic health, liver & gallbladder health, iron health, lipids, thyroid, inflammation, vitamin & minerals, hormonal health, immune health and full blood count. 


Covering 103 biomarkers assessing multiple body systems. Checking glucose regulation, kidney health, electrolytes, enzyme activity, metabolic health, liver & gallbladder health, iron health, lipids, thyroid, inflammation, vitamin & minerals, hormonal health, immune health and full blood count. 

The process explained…..

Book your blood test online with us. Choose from our 3 extensive panels above.  

You will receive a phone call from our private lab to book your FREE phlebotomy appointment at one of their nationwide clinics.  

You will receive an email invite from Personalised Nutritional Therapy (Sonia Hollis) to join our Free practitioner platform Healthie. 

This is to reveive blood test results in a secure platform and be sent your Health questionnaire and documents. 

You will receive your full blood testing kit through the post. Please allow enough time to receive your delivery before your blood test time slot. 

You will need to take your full blood testing kit to your appointment. Please leave the kit at the clinic for the courier to collect directly. 

Your blood test results will take up to 14 days to be processed due to the specialist nature of some biomarkers. 

Once we have received and processed your blood test results you will receive notification and the opportunity to book your consultation with a qualified Nutritional Therapist to interpret.


Frequently asked questions

Q: Which blood test requires fasting?

A: All of these blood tests require fasting of 12 hours. This means no food or drinks 12 hours before the test. You are allowed to drink water. 

Q: Why should I fast?

A: When we consume any food or beverage, with the exception of water, our body initiates the digestion process, allowing nutrients to be absorbed into the bloodstream. Consequently, this results in elevated levels of various nutrients, including sugars, amino acids, cholesterol, minerals like iron, and the release of specific enzymes like GGT into the bloodstream. In order to effectively diagnose conditions such as diabetes, liver disorders, kidney issues, and heart disease, it becomes crucial to precisely measure the levels of these aforementioned nutrients.

Q: Can I still drink coffee?

A: Coffee should be avoided during fasting periods because it can speed up digestion. 

Q: Anything else I need to avoid during fasting? 

A: Chewing gum – chewing gums speeds up digestion. Most chewing gums contain sugar. This can alter the level of blood sugar.

Alcohol – alcohol can affect the accuracy of a blood test. It affects the level of sugar and fat in the blood.

Q: Do I need to stop taking my medications? 

A: Do not discontinue any medications without prior consultation and agreement with your GP. The test results will help assess if your medications are functioning at the correct levels, and discontinuing them may lead to inaccurate readings.

Q: Do I need to stop taking my supplements?

A: Self prescribed supplements: In general, it is advised to stop taking vitamin and mineral supplements for a brief period before the test (for a minimum of 24-48 hours before the test). For example, you should not take any iron tablets for 24 hours before the test. Iron is absorbed rapidly from food or tablets, and can make your blood iron levels falsely high.

A: If you are on prescription vitamin or mineral supplements, follow your healthcare provider or GP instructions closely. It may be necessary to continue as prescribed.

Q: Can I still exercise? 

A: Exercise and other strenuous activities – exercise increases metabolic reactions in the body. An increase in metabolic activity can speed up digestion and absorption of nutrients. This can affect the result. Please do not exercise for 48 hours before the test. For male clients undertaking PSA testing please avoid vigorous exercise, especially riding a bicyle, along with sexual activity for 48 hours prior to testing as this has been associated with elevated prostate specific antigen (PSA) levels. 

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