Detoxing your environment (Pt 2)

Detoxing your environment – Pt 2

Today’s assignment is like giving a big hug to your home – and getting an even bigger one back! Have you ever noticed how everyone gravitates to freshly cleaned rooms? That’s because fresh and clean rooms just FEEL better. 

Today is a great day to think about how you can improve your home’s ‘feel-good factor’ because you’ll be upgrading to good-for-you cleaning products. Use the eBook Detox Your Home to help you. 

Sort through your cleaning and other home maintenance products (including lawn and garden items). 

Remove items that don’t meet your criteria.

Make a shopping list of items you need to replace.

Two of the easiest and loveliest ways to do this are by adding houseplants to your home to filter the air (the Butterfly Palm is one of the best for this work and makes a great home design statement, too) and by picking up a reed diffuser that uses gorgeous, natural essential oils.