Detoxing your environment

Detoxing your environment

How are you doing today? Just a few more days of your programme to go. You are doing so well! I’d love to hear what your all-time favourite has been so far. And what’s on the menu tonight. 

Today, lets discuss detoxing your environment. 

Your home is very likely brimming with toxic chemicals – studies suggest hundreds of them. The body can handle exposure to these in small amounts, but too many chemicals, too often and for too long, can be bad news. Just like the toxins in your food or those you might have been slathering onto your skin unwittingly, the chemicals in your home can overburden your body’s natural detoxification process, putting you and your family at risk of chronic illnesses like asthma, heart disease and even cancer. 

There’s something a bit gross I want to talk about today, and that’s mould. It’s not a chemical, but this stuff is nasty and here’s why.

Mould (and other fungi) produces toxins called mycotoxins, and you’ll find them all over the place. These mycotoxins can infest buildings, vehicles and food. Ew! They can affect your immune system and cause breathing difficulties because they irritate the lungs. There are many other conditions linked to exposure to mould, from heart disease, asthma, chronic fatigue to depression and anxiety.

Mould can grow on pretty much any surface – including food, of course, and it thrives in warm and damp environments. Check your bathrooms (or any other warm, wet areas), your fridge, and larder if you have one. You’ll also want to peek inside your washing machine – especially if your whites end up with mysterious grey or brown streaks. 

Clean your washing machine naturally by pouring 2 cups of white vinegar into the drum, then adding a mix of ¼ cup each of water and baking soda and pour the solution into the detergent compartment. Wipe inside the rubber seal around the opening with hot wet soapy water, shut the door, and stick the machine on the hottest wash. 

Tests are available to check your exposure to these harmful mycotoxins. Send me a private message if you’re concerned about mould exposure.

This video explains about “detoxing your environment”.