Healing Crisis – don’t panic!

Day 4 – Healing Crisis

This video explains about how our body goes through a “healing crisis” when detoxing, which is perfectly normal.

You joined this programme to feel amazing. And you will! 

However, not everyone will feel great right away. If your body has been clogged up with toxins for years, you may even feel a little worse before you feel better. This is called the ‘healing crisis’. It is a temporary worsening of symptoms that can occur when toxins are released faster than the body can eliminate them.

Think of it a bit like a biological bottleneck. 

You may notice symptoms of fatigue, irritability, headaches, brain fog, itchy skin, changes in bowel habits, and sleep difficulties – among others.

As a general rule, the more dietary, medical or environmental you’ve accumulated over time, the more you might experience symptoms. On a more positive note, some people experience no symptoms at all, and I’m only telling you this in case any unwanted symptoms start rearing their head. If they do, drink more water, ensure you are going to the loo every day, and rest when your body tells you it needs you to. Rest assured, any adverse symptoms you experience are likely to only last a few days.

Stick with the programme because this detoxification process will ultimately leave you feeling much better than before! Be patient and allow your body the time it needs to adjust to new, healthier lifestyle choices.