How our body gets rid of toxins (written post)

How your body gets rid of toxins

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Keep up all the good work. How have you been getting on with your meal planning for this week? What’s on the menu for lunch today?

Today, I want to talk about how your body gets rid of toxins and why supporting this process is really, really important.

When you start any kind of detoxification programme – even a pretty gentle one like this – you’ll want to make sure your body is well supported to get rid of the toxins that get dumped in the liver.

There are four ways toxins leave your body: via your breath, your sweat, your urine, and your stools.

This makes drinking plenty of water so important. It helps you literally flush away all the nasties that want a safe passage out.

Drinking lots of water also makes it easier to go to the loo. This is crucial. Having a satisfying toilet visit – where you fully empty your bowel at least once a day – is vital. You might even think of it as the third phase of detoxification. If toxins are cannot be eliminated, they are likely to get reabsorbed and recirculated, creating even more work for the liver. 

Aside from drinking more water, this plan is also packed full of fibre, which adds bulk to the stool and stimulates your body to poop. Adding a lot of fibre too quickly can have the opposite effect, though. So, if your diet has typically been very low in fruit, veg, nuts and seeds, you may want to introduce the fibre gradually over this first week.

You are also cutting out some substances that irritate the gut and make it harder to go to the loo – like caffeine and alcohol.

Exercise, like walking, running, dancing or swimming, also helps.

And you should always go to the loo when you need to. So, don’t try to hold it in or put it off.

Ever heard of a Squatty Potty? This is essentially a stool that positions your feet slightly higher, putting you in a better position for a full clear-out. You can buy these stools online, but I find any low footstool – even the ones you might have had to allow small children to reach the loo or basin – work, and they are significantly cheaper!

If you are constipated, you can also try soaking flaxseeds. Water plus flaxseeds is a great stool softener! After soaking flaxseeds in it, the water becomes like a gel that soothes and lubricates the large intestine, making it easier to go to the loo. Want to try this? Put 1 tablespoon of whole or ground linseed in a glass, cover with water and leave to steep overnight. The next morning, add the gloopy mixture to a juice, a smoothie or even drink it on its own. 

If you have specific digestive complaints, reach out to me privately. It may be that a more personalised programme would be beneficial