How to reduce your sugar levels

How to reduce your sugar levels

Reducing your sugar levels is NOT easy! But over time can be done.

It just takes time. One step at a time. 

You can, of course, still have odd “treats” but don’t have this everyday, especially as you want to lose weight. 

So How Do I Do It?

Please complete this and look. Do you see?

  • low fat foods?
  • high carbohydrate foods? Lots of them?
  • biscuits, cakes and chocolate?
  • lots of bread, pasta, rice, cereal?
  • not much protein?
  • not much healthy fats?
  • not much healthy fats?
  • Not much variety of vegetables? 

This is to get you THINKING

14 day food diary reminder

You can try a couple of things……..

Stop sugar completely for 7 days (not easy, but doable)

Generally reduce it over time. One thing at a time.

Supplement options

There are some possible supplements which may help if you are having very strong cravings for sugar. Chromium is a supplement which may help as it helps to keep blood sugar levels stable. 

NB ….I am not personally recommending you buy these supplements as we have not had a full 1:1 consultation but research has suggested this may help.