Measurements & taking stock

Measurements and taking stock

Today, I want you to really ask yourself: How do I feel? How do I look? How is my energy? Have any of these improved since the beginning of the challenge? 

I want you to go back to the questionnaires you completed at the beginning of the programme. You’ll find your review questions in the Detox Progress Journal. 

I know you’ve done this before, but today you’ll use the questionnaire again to indicate the extent to which you agree or disagree with specific statements about your health. You’ll see these range from being tired most of the time or having difficulty sleeping right through to having cravings for sweet things after meals or needing tea/coffee to get you going in the morning.

Add up your score. In each section, you would ideally have a score of 15 or less. 

Did you make a note of the score you gave yourself at the beginning of the programme? 

How many points of difference did you have? 

What has changed for you? 

Is your energy better? 

Do you find you didn’t miss the caffeine, and you’ve proven to yourself this is NOT what you need to get you going in the morning? 

How has your mood been throughout this programme? 

I’d LOVE to hear your success stories, so let me know the difference in your scores from last time. 

What has been the best bit of the programme for you?

Often, when we start something new, we can feel a little apprehensive about how it’s going to go. I really congratulate you for putting in the hard work.     

This video goes through the importance of “measurements and taking stock”.