Reducing alcohol

Reducing Alcohol

Facts about alcohol

Alcohol is high in sugar, has “empty” calories and no healthy nutrients in there. 

When you drink it makes the liver work harder trying to clear out the toxins of alcohol. 

Once you start drinking – it can be quite “addictive” and then you sometimes want to carry on. Then it often makes you eat more too..

Alcohol also depletes special nutrients that we need such as folate (B vitamin). Our bodies need this vitamin to help our cells work properly and new cells to grow properly. 

Alcohol damages our DNA

If we are constantly having too much alcohol or too much sugar our cells will struggle and sometimes they grow with damage in the DNA. 

So how can you reduce it?

  • If you know you have a problem with alcohol then please visit your GP for support.
  • Some people may find just “giving up” alcohol straight away better, or try to reduce it gradually.
  • Replace the drink with another drink – for example water, herbal tea or even black currant in a wine glass! (I did this!) 
  • Holding a drink is a habit. So try to replace that “holding” of the glass with something else. Be “busy” with your hands. 
  • Try to find different ways of relaxing – so you are creating a new habit
  • If you drink every night. Start by reducing it to Mon, Wed, Fri etc (miss a day) OR say to yourself Mon to Fri I won’t have a drink, but will at the weekends. 
  • If you are going out then volunteer to drive – so you can’t drink

Find a solution for you

It’s important for you to find a solution that works for you. But reducing alcohol consumption will support your health and also your weight loss journey.