Toxic thoughts & relationships

Toxic thoughts & Relationships

How are you starting your day today? I love to start the day with a juice for breakfast. It’s not for everyone, but it suits me. If you like the idea of juicing, but you feel hungry, you can make a half portion of one of the breakfast suggestions to fill you up.

Today I want you to start thinking about detoxing your LIFE. You are what you put in your body (the food), what you put on your body (your personal care products), and you are also what you feed your mind. That means:

  • What you watch on TV
  • The books you read
  • The social media posts you see
  • The people you let into your life

The choices you make every day have a huge impact on your brain, mood, beliefs and outlook on life.
Studies show that you can ‘catch’ the mood of people around you. That’s why it’s easy to feel drained by other people’s negative energy. 

What do you need to do to protect your space?

Do you need to limit your time on social media to no more than 30 minutes a day, ensuring you only follow those people who uplift and inspire you?

How much time do you spend catching up with the news? That’s not to say you should be out of the loop with what’s going on in the world, but so few news stories are good news. Do you need to consider limiting how much time you spend here?

What about negative people? Which ‘friends’ drag you down? Perhaps you need to limit your exposure to these people and be aware of how other people’s mood affects your own.

Your goal is to be intentional when it comes to what – and who – is in your space. Who and what you allow into your mental and emotional space can have a surprisingly big impact on your mindset. It doesn’t mean you have to avoid those people close to you who are in a bad mood. This is about being aware – and intentional of your choices – about how this impacts you.

Perhaps you might like to take an inventory of how things make you feel – whether it’s the people you follow on social media, the news you watch, or the materials you read/watch for entertainment.

What’s ONE thing you notice instantly impacts your mood – for better or worse?

Dealing with toxic thoughts and relationships