Trouble shooting (video)

Trouble shooting- what to do if things get in the way of progress!

This video goes through what you can do if things get in the way of progress!


Hello! What are you planning on eating this morning? 

I hope everything is going well, but don’t worry if it isn’t. We all have challenges from time to time, and these challenges can affect whether we get started with something or go off track. Wherever you are is perfect. Today’s post is for you if things haven’t quite been going to plan. The first thing to do is not to panic. I know you were committed to doing this work, and maybe something got in your way. It happens. Every day is a second chance.

While you’ll get the greatest benefit from completing all 14 days of this programme, it really doesn’t matter if you feel you’re starting from scratch again today or if you didn’t manage to get started at all. Now is the perfect time to start.

Grab a cup of herbal tea and find somewhere quiet to sit and regroup. This programme isn’t about trying to be perfect; it’s about making positive changes. These will all add up to feeling great and reaching your goals. 

So put aside what happened or didn’t happen. That is now gone. It is in the past. It’s a setback but nothing more. Don’t try to ‘make up for’ what happened by skipping meals.

Your recipes for this programme are designed to help you feel satisfied and to nourish your body.

Start by planning the rest of your day. What can you manage for breakfast? What are your best lunch options? Just do your best. Also, plan your meals for tomorrow, so you’re not having to scrabble around for ideas in the morning.

Getting an early night is often a fantastic reset. Create a lovely bedtime routine for yourself that may involve reading, guided meditation or some quiet time, and perhaps a soothing bath, then hit the sack. Everything feels significantly better when you’ve had a good sleep.