Understanding the why of your goals

Understanding the WHY of your goals

How do we do this?

How do we do this?

What is your goal? Remember! This needs to be using positive words. “I want” not “I don’t want”.

If you use words like “I don’t want to be xyz” your subconscious listens to xyz. 

Always use positive words and phrases when setting goals. 

Out of 10. How much do you WANT this goal? 

Zero 0 = you don’t really want the goal

No 10 – You REALLY want to achieve this goal SO MUCH

Choose your number

When you achieve your goal. How will you FEEL? 

What will you SEE? 

What will you DO? 

Making it work for you

How will you KNOW when you have achieved your goal? 

What will you SEE? 

How will you FEEL? 

What will you DO?

What will you DO to achieve this goal? 

Is this in your control? Is it YOUR responsibility?

Or are you relying on someone else? 

When will you start work towards this goal? 

What date do you want to achieve this?  

So what needs to happen now?

What are your FIRST steps?