Water & water alternatives

Drinking plenty of water is an excellent idea for general health – and seriously, over the years, I have seen people get astonishing results when they just focus on drinking more water. When you’re detoxing, staying hydrated is critical. You really do need to flush those toxins out.

People often ask me what they can drink if they don’t want to drink water. If this is you, you’re going to love what I have to share today!

Some people feel that water is tasteless and boring. 

THIS should fix that problem…

Infused water is an excellent way to detox your body since you only use all-natural ingredients, like fresh produce and herbs. It is a good way to drink more water as well, which is another simple way to detox your system. Take a look at some of these different detox water recipes.  

This video explains the importance of water and also alternatives if you don’t like plain water

Orange Tropical Infused Water

This first infused water recipe is fruity and gives you some tropical flavours as well. It is great for detoxing because the orange in the water is a wonderful antioxidant, while both orange and kiwi can help with cleansing the liver and kidneys. To make this infused water, you just need to add a peeled and sliced orange, two sliced kiwis, also peeled, ice and water to a large jug or pitcher. The longer you can leave the fruit in the water to absorb the nutrients and flavours, the better it will be.   

Fruit and Veggies Infused Water

This recipe also uses orange but brings in other fruits and veggies as well. You can even add some mint to it to get more flavour and nutrients. The basic infused water recipe calls for cucumber, lemon, and orange. The quantities depend on the balance of flavour you are going for and whether you are using a full-sized jug, mason jar or just a single-serving bottle to take with you. Remember, you can also add sparkling water instead of just plain water if you want to give it a little kick. 

Refreshing Strawberry Lime Infused Water

This is one of my favourite recipes. It is also perfect in the warmer months when the weather is hot, and you want a cool, refreshing drink. To make this infused water, add strawberries, cucumber slices, lime and mint to a pitcher of water, then top with ice.

Make Your Own Recipe

You can also get creative with your infused water. Pretty much anything goes – when you combine most types of fruit with herbs, you will be getting some benefit.

Did you see those infused water bottles? These are available online and also in many larger supermarkets and cookware shops. I love this one, which comes with an insulating sleeve to keep your detox water cool – https://amzn.to/3zANuNB