Work With Me

Start With a Free Consultation

This 30 minute Free mini consultation is a time for us to meet and discuss your health and nutrition goals prior to us officially working together.

I work with clients in different ways – either to support blood testing & interpretation of blood test results, Nutrigenomics and DNA Nutrition specialist, or consultations for general nutrition support and advice. 

Prices For Nutrition Consultations

The number & type of sessions you need depends on if you want nutritonal therapy consultations, blood test interpretation and bespoke reporting or nutrigenomic (Nutrition to suit your genetic make up) or a mixture of them all. 

Nutritional Therapy Consultation Options

Initial Consultation 90 min £215

60 mins £180

40 mins £150

Follow on package – block book

2.5 hours of consultation time, broken into individual sessions of time to suit you – £410

→ Pre-consultation intake forms & food diary.

→ In depth health & lifestyle assessment to consider symptoms, medical history, lifestyle & stress.

→ Personalised supplemental programme (if deemed necessary)

→ Seasonal recipes & access to our bespoke digital meal planner (4 weeks)

Blood Testing & Bespoke Reporting

FBCA Accreditation

sonia hollis fbca mastery certificate
Sonia Hollis Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis Certified Practitioner

Blood Test Specialist Report ONLY

Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis Test Report £175

See a sample HERE  

*Using the data from your own blood test.

FBCA Report & 1 hour Consultation

Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis Report + 1 hour blood test interpretation call and advice on suitable intervention. £355

*Using the data from your own blood test

*You will need to sign into a google account


Nutrigenomics DNA Test, Report & Practitioner Support Call


The unique variations in our DNA can greatly influence our health and well being. Nutrigenomics delves into how our genes are expressed from the food we eat thereby contributing to significant effects on our health, weight regulation, and fitness levels. Whilst the food we eat does not alter the sequence of our DNA, they can activate or deactivate certain genes, influencing their expression and ultimately shaping our health and well being.

Click below for more information and samples of Nutrigenomic reports –  £385

Extra reports £150 to be interpreted in the same session