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I use this Practitioner Only website for my clients quality supplement orders.

You are welcome to browse – you need to add Sonia Hollis as a practitioner if you order.

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ebook for nutrition and wellbeing (1)

Meal Plans

digital meal planning for various health conditions run by qualified Nutritional therapist (MSc)

Online Courses

online health courses to improve your nutrition (1)

Recipe Packs

recipe packs created by qualified nutritional therapist

Bespoke Meal Plans

Tailored to your specific health condition – written by qualified Chefs & Nutritionists 

*now available

Personalised Blood Tests 

As a blood chemistry analysist we are able to off personalised blood tests.  Leave behind the confusion of interpreting blood test results.  By working with our qualified Nutritional Therapist (MSc) and our private functional testing lab you can find out what is really going on with your blood, identify potential nutrient deficiencies, system imbalances and detect potential health trends before they escalate

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