Lockdown Weightloss Reset Plan

Registered Nutritional Therapist

Sonia Hollis (MSc in Personalised Nutrition, mBANT, CNHC) supports to improve the health of individuals using personalised nutritional therapy and the functional medicine model.

Specialist in Weight Loss

Following my own successful weight loss journey I can truly empathise the starting point in your journey. I am able to support, give you actionable steps and personalised nutritional guidance giving you lifelong strategies to maintain your weight loss.   

Trained NLP Practitioner

Making changes in your health and lifestyle habits require a mindset change. I understand sometimes this can be challenging. As a trained NLP practitioner I can support and provide techniques to overcome some hurdles which you may face along the way. 

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WHAT’s included

Dietary analysis

Work with Nutritional Therapist Sonia Hollis (MSc Personalised Nutrition) to help identify improvements you can make to your diet. 

You’ll be asked to complete a client health questionnaire, including your goals and 3 day dietary analysis. 

Following this you will be sent within 7 days the handout “foods to increase and decrease” along with a suggested meal plan, some recipes and a shopping list. 

achieving your goals

This guide will walk you through positive things you can put into practice on a daily basis. 


What Our clients have said

Sonia put an eating plan together for me. This worked really well for me as was based around foods that I do like. As a result I was willing to try the plan and found it surprisingly easy to stick to. Since my first meeting with Sonia I have also lost 1 stone. I feel so much better and healthier in myself.
Anita S (aged 44)Reception Age Teacher
Sonia gave me helpful information regarding nutrition. I especially had issues with eating good fats which with her help and making me understand, I now eat regularly and have been converted from eating anything that said low fat or diet. She also made me realise that over training can be damaging and that taking rest days is healthy and good for you. She changed my mindset and I have seen the benefits of this in my training and eating habits.
Rachel K (aged 53)Director of printing company
I love food….. most foods in fact! So this was reasonably easy for me to do. After following Sonia’s advice for 6 weeks, when I returned for a follow up appointment with her, I had noticed differences in both how my tummy felt after eating and also my energy levels with the new foods I had introduced into my diet.
I would thoroughly recommend Sonia to help anyone experiencing any problems or difficulties in this area as I also found out that many different situations, emotions and lifestyle has a massive impact on our bodies and the way it functions.
Pam A (aged 55)Spiritual healer
Since taking the advice from Sonia, I feel so much better in myself. I feel I have the knowledge of food and what different foods are needed to aid certain things in my life and I also feel I am now in control of my body and fuel intake.
I would recommend Sonia to anyone who is looking for the answers to any questions / problems that they are experiencing within their diet and body conditions.
Throughout the consultation, I felt totally at ease with Sonia. She made me feel comfortable about the experience and her knowledge and passion for what she does shines through.
Many thanks Sonia.
Nick E (aged 55)Painter and decorator