What Our Clients Say

Sonia has been a wealth of information and support over the past 12 weeks. I was really struggling with migraines, low energy and weight that wouldn’t shift. The information and advice that Sonia has shared with me has had a huge impact on my health and quality of life. Although the migraines haven’t completely gone they have much improved and as a result I have been able to focus on my other health goals. I now understand how what I eat and when effects my energy levels and weight. Thank you Sonia, I have learnt so much and now have the tools to continue to work towards my goals.


I would highly recommend Sonia to anybody who would like support to change not only their eating habits but also to transform their life.
The knowledge and support Sonia has offered me in the past 6 months has had numerous health benefits. Through having a much more varied and balanced diet I now have more energy, I feel happier and enjoy preparing and cooking meals again.
Sonia helped me understand how food fuels my body and how to change what I eat and the amounts I eat depending on my level of activity.
I would recommend taking the opportunity to speak to Sonia on her free 30 minute consultation on zoom call. This helped me to find out more about what Sonia offers and am so pleased I did.

Sarah T

I knew Sonia from our gym days so was delighted when I googled nutritionist and her name popped up first.
I was at the end of my tether as Ive just kept gaining and gaining weight for no apparent reason. I eat healthy and trained 3 to 4 times a week.
Before my first consultation with Sonia I had blood tests and when I first saw her I told her my symptoms and she immediately said to go gluten free and take my temperature every morning for 2 weeks.
This showed Sonia what she wanted to see and soon after I had my Dr’s diagnosis. I also suffer with acid reflux. Dr said take gaviscon for 2 weeks, if it helps ill prescribe you something… I stopped eating nightshade foods, Google it… Who knew?! I’ve not had gaviscon since.
Once we knew the root of the problem Sonia immediately got to work on mounds and mounds, of research, dietary needs and habit breaking suggestions. I’d have a snack at 10 and 3 and breakfast, lunch ant tea… I didn’t need it, it was a habit. Managed to break that in a week…
I had 2 12 week cycles with Sonia and I feel a lot better and less sluggish. I’m on the right road and I know this is not an overnight fix but with Sonia guidance and knowledge I’ll get there. As yet, I’ve not lost any weight but it will come. If I’d not reconnected with Sonia, I don’t know what I’d be doing now…
Sorry for the long post… I could go on and on…
Thank you Sonia x


I’m just at the end of my 12 week support with Sonia. It has been life changing for me!
I knew I couldn’t maintain my lifestyle, as I at my heaviest l had ever been, feeling unhealthy!
Sonia took the time to listen to me, and guide me through, a achievable plan, taking one step at a time with small changes. Then lunch and dinner ideas. A guide on different types of food , healthy sugars/fats. I’m definitely enjoying my new diet. Loosing weight, and definitely feel healthier happy, more energy. Definitely worth giving it a go, to help you change your lifestyle and feel good. I’m signing up again for another 12 weeks. looking forward to hearing what Sonia has planned for me.


It was my husband who saw I was despairing about my weight, bloatedness, puffiness and who knew I was unhappy within myself… he knows Sonia and after much persuasion from him I decided to book my half hour session thinking it’ll be a waste of time … maybe I’ll try slimming world again (for the umpteenth time!). Well .. that half an hour with Sonia turned on a switch .. she listened to what my ailments were, how unhappy I was with myself and because of certain different medical reasons how I felt down about the way I was… she listened and said I can help you and I believed she could .. that half an hour gave me hope! 12 weeks down the line I’m at the end of the tunnel .. it’s bright.. I feel fantastic.. weight is coming off, I’m eating delicious food and discovering me again, I feel healthier , no more sluggish feeling in the afternoons, I don’t want to have a nap! It isn’t a quick fix, it’s slow , steady and understanding the different food types and how they help and it’s patience. I can’t praise Sonia enough, I no longer feel guilty about what I eat as it’s just delicious, I have loved cooking new recipes and have a few favourites. Sonia … a big THANK YOU!


Very caring understanding and knowledgeable
helped my wife through a difficult time


I have had 5 consultations with Sonia and the improvement physical and emotional health have improved greatly.
I now plan my meals which has helped me think before I eat, I am now less likely to opt for quick easy options high in carbohydrate which used to me feeling tired most of the time. My meals are now balanced and the cravings I used to have are now minimal due my change in diet.
She has also helped me with NLP techniques to challenge my thoughts around food and drink and help me with strategies to help me not feel guilty when I eat or drink something I feel I shouldn’t be.
I went to Sonia thinking she would be just addressing what I eat, but she has done so much more. Her approach is holistic and I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to make long lasting changes to their life.


Sonia gave me helpful information regarding nutrition. I especially had issues with eating good fats which with her help and making me understand, I now eat regularly and have been converted from eating anything that said low fat or diet. She also made me realise that over training can be damaging and that taking rest days is healthy and good for you. She changed my mindset and I have seen the benefits of this in my training and eating habits.


Sonia is a wealth of information for all your nutritional needs. Approachable & genuinely wants to help. Her passion for what she does is very evident.
I followed her 14 day detox programme. This plan was so easy to follow with clear & delicious recipes as well as explanations on what incorporates a balanced diet. Sonia regularly checked in and I felt totally supported.
My diet had become shocking living off fast carbs and not caring what I was fuelling my body with. I was always tired.
After 14 days I lost 7lb & 5 inches but the most remarkable change was how I felt in myself. Stronger, fitter & healthier. Sleep improved & my mood. My energy levels have rocketed. I have made eating a balanced diet part of my everyday norm and haven’t looked back. I’m seeing results both in my training and general everyday life. What you fuel your body with really makes a dramatic difference. I 100% recommend Sonia. She is exactly what you need to meet all your nutritional needs.


Working with Sonia, my Personalised Nutritional Therapist, taught me so much about my health and diet. Having Rheumatoid Arthritis and not knowing what the triggers were, I was eating food that I enjoyed but was not good for the condition. Sonia got to work by checking my family history, working with my doctor and checking my Blood test for any contra indications, looking at my daily food intake and recommending Food and fruits that was good for me and additional food supplements that contributes to the maintenance of the whole body. I’m on a gluten free diet, my overall health has improved and I am happy that I found Sonia, and I would recommend her to anyone looking to improve their health.


With Sonia’s help i lost 14 kg and never felt better like now.
i am completely different person my mood improved and i am full of energy.
besides that i learned about nutritional needs and how much important it is for a healty lifestyle and much more.
i definitely recommend Sonya she is the best.


I came to Sonia with a few health concerns. She has helped me find supplements to support this and most of the symptoms have gone! I have learnt so much with how my body reacts to certain foods,so I can now move forward and avoid these for the future.


I recently decided to seek help from a nutritionist. I had to have a hysterectomy in 2018 and since then I had slowly been putting on weight. I was also struggling with extreme exhaustion most days.
My first consultation with Sonia was really interesting and useful. A lot of what Sonia told me made complete sense. We talked in detail about my relationship with food and also how my health had been since a child and through every part of my life. We also talked about the different levels of stress I had experienced due to my work or family circumstances and how this can have an impact on my body and foods I might choose to eat. Finally we went into detail with what foods I do or won’t like to eat and why. Sonia was friendly and approachable throughout and never made me feel uncomfortable in any way. She was really positive which I found reassuring as I know my relationship with food wasn’t great.
Sonia put an eating and menu plan together for me. This worked really well for me personally as the plan was based around all the foods that I do like. She helped me factor in healthy snacks everyday to control my constant hunger but also explained in detail the types of food I should be eating at every meal to control my hunger and give me the main nutrients I need.
As a result I was willing to try the plan and found it surprisingly easy to stick to. I was motivated by wanting to lose weight and feel healthier and happier with myself. Because I was able to stick to it I was able to feel the benefits and in addition to the plan I decided to try and get fit by running. As a result I have recently achieved couch to 5k. 3 months since my first meeting with Sonia I have also lost 1 stone in weight. I am feeling so much better and healthier in myself. I can’t thank Sonia enough for her support and the plans she gave me. I would thoroughly recommend her services to anyone.


Thank you for the opportunity to evaluate my eating habits / food intake to analyse where and why I was experiencing bloated feelings and discomfort after eating certain foods. I already had an interest in food, food groups needed to maintain a healthy body, but was experiencing some discomfort in areas after eating certain foods. Sonia tailored what I already knew to suit my own personal needs. She analysed my lifestyle, eating patterns and which food groups were the cause of my bloating and discomfort. Following the advice given to me, I made a few changes to my diet, introducing more beans, pulses and legumes and when I fancied a sweet fix, choosing foods with natural sugar. I thought that I had a good basic knowledge and understanding of food and what the body needs, but with the expert advice from Sonia, I was able to introduce changes to my diet and as a result, I no longer experience any of the conditions I did before.
I love food….. most foods in fact! So this was reasonably easy for me to do. After following Sonia’s advice for 6 weeks, when I returned for a follow up appointment with her, I had noticed differences in both how my tummy felt after eating and also my energy levels with the new foods I had introduced into my diet. I would thoroughly recommend Sonia to help anyone experiencing any problems or difficulties in this area as I also found out that many different situations, emotions and lifestyle has a massive impact on our bodies and the way it functions Thank you Sonia


I would just like to say how impressed I was with the knowledge and information I received from Sonia.
I wanted to see a nutritional therapist as I had reached that time in my life (call it middle age) when I had noticed a bit of a tummy appearing. This was due to my way of eating. Quick sugar fixes, gaining weight and basically there was no structure or pattern to my eating habits at all. Added to this, there were medical conditions in the family history, so just having an awareness of all these things made me think “it’s time to address this!”
Sonia discussed with me how and what I was eating and the times I was eating too. My whole lifestyle / work life meant I had little routine in my diet. I had gained abdominal weight, which I wasn’t happy about either. After listening to my information, Sonia was able to address everything that was contributing towards what was happening with my body and the way it was functioning. I was advised on what I could do… preparing healthy snacks and lunches to take to work with me rather than grabbing a chocolate bar etc. Keep fruit with me for natural sugar fixes to hold those hunger pangs at bay.
I wasn’t drinking hardly any water either, so we worked out a plan to suit me where I could keep track of my water intake (counting the gulps from each drink) which made a big difference. Once I began a more regular food and water intake and reduced the sweet fixes, I found that I not only felt better within my body, but I also was sleeping better at night and even achieved a regular sleeping pattern which also made a difference to my overall health.
Since taking the advice from Sonia, I feel so much better in myself. I feel I have the knowledge of food and what different foods are needed to aid certain things in my life and I also feel I am now in control of my body and fuel intake.
I would recommend Sonia to anyone who is looking for the answers to any questions / problems that they are experiencing within their diet and body conditions.
Throughout the consultation, I felt totally at ease with Sonia. She made me feel comfortable about the experience and her knowledge and passion for what she does shines through.
Many thanks Sonia